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What is an iCon Roof?

iCon Roofs stands for insulated replacement conservatory roofs. A truly cost effective and lightweight solution to resolve most problems associated with traditionally glazed conservatory roofs.......too hot in summer or too cold in winter?

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Replacement Roof

Is your conservatory Too Hot in the summer and Too Cold in the winter?

The iCon Roof is a complete conservatory replacement roof.

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New Build Roof

Adding an iConRoof to your new build conservatory will add the perfect finish.

Designed and fabricated to custom fit your project.

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Is your conservatory only used during certain times of the year and a waste of valuable 365 days a year living space because it’s simply:

  • Too hot in the summer?
  • Too cold in the winter?

If the answer is yes then you should seriously consider having a Solid Conservatory Roof fitted by one of our experienced installation teams at iCon Roofs Ltd.

An iCon Solid Conservatory Roof is a cost effective, prefabricated, lightweight, fast and clean to install, highly insulated roof which instantly:

  • Turns your conservatory into a ‘Reception Room’! – Creates a true extension to your house by turning your conservatory into an additional ‘reception room’ e.g. lounge, dining room, study, office, playroom, family room or garden room.
  • Creates another room in your house that is useable 365 days a year! – Whatever you choose to use the room for, you gain a room in your house that is useable 365 days a year. A room that is not too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter or too noisy when it rains! An insulated room you can economically heat during the winter, keep cool in the summer and use every day whatever the weather